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Painting on A Colored Ground

Ro Gallery

untitledthe RoGallery has updated my works on their site.They have numerous artists including the Picasso estate.

Biker Chicks

The past few years I have been painting a few “Biker Chicks” To me a symbol of rebellion and freedom.  Influenced by the biker counterculture I saw when growing up in the 70’s.

Halka Artists residency

20160130_142527.jpgWhen I was in Istanbul this past December, I worked at the Halka Artists Residency. I took a bus and a ferry to the Asian side. Everyone was impressed as I don’t know much Turkish.The area is called Moda, and had lots of cool record stores and cafes. 2016-01-30 16.11.24.jpgHere are20160130_145110.jpg few drawings I did during my stay.

First Artist for Cause Event Raises Funds for Education Non-Profit America Needs You

The first Artists for Cause (AFC) event took place at America Needs You‘s (an education non-profit) gala event on October 15th at Cipriani, in midtown New York. The AFC initiative puts together art shows to benefit non-profits and participating artists. The event raised one million dollars to support first-generation college students and help them achieve their education and career goals. The show included fifteen works by  accomplished artists including: Brian Novatny, Predrag Dimitrijevic, Jon Newman, Wendy Klemperer and Greg Kessler. Artists for Cause curator and co-founder Greg Kessler’s work Sasha was also sold at the event, making a notable contribution to the organization.

Sasha by Greg Kessler (Oil on Canvas, 24x30)

Sasha by Greg Kessler (Oil on Canvas, 24×30)

If you know of a non-profit that would be interested in an AFC show as a fundraiser, please contact us (kesslergregv [at] gmail [dot] com). We can curate the show based on a theme that reflects your organization’s goals and provide guidance on key administrative details (e.g., location, proceeds, etc.).

New Student Work



Etching has been around for 500 years.. Here are  recent prints I did at the Lower East Side Printshop.KesslerG_137_800px KesslerG_141_800px KesslerG_142_800px