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An Approach to Art – Showcasing Twin Mosaic

My buddy Troy filmed this in my Williamsburg studio. It shows how I work with large canvases and work with the paint and canvas to tell a story. I like reworking paintings. I go back and change a million times. You see a bit of that here.

Art Class Descriptions

West Side Art Studios offers the following options to artists and art students. Students 13-18, as well as adults are welcomed to email kesslergregv [at] gmail dot com.

Introduction to drawing and painting

Anyone can draw–with practice!

This class is for beginner students. We encourage those with little or no art background to join. You will learn the fundamentals of drawing, including volume, light and form. Practicing the West Side Studios method, you will be able to improve your ability to draw in several weeks.

Beginning Painting

You will combine a study of art history with exciting painting techniques, such as color contrasts, wet into wet and limited palette. We will focus on your individual vision and goals, while exploring color harmonies and compositions.

Finding your voice in drawing and painting

Personal Mythology Class

Studying artists such as Philip Guston, Picasso and Kiki Smith, you will develop your personal visual narrative. We will refer to their works as we select contemporary mythological characters. You will integrate personal symbols, animals and historical figures into your paintings and drawings.

Family Fun

Looking for a fun weekend activity to enjoy with your kids? Sign up for two-hour beginning drawing and painting sessions. Learn, create and play together. Have a dialogue through art while learning about shapes, color complimentaries and opposites. Paint on top of colored backgrounds, pour paint, make collages and monoprints.

Taking your art to the next level

College Portfolio Preparation (for high school students)

If your goal is to continue your education in art, this class is for you. Boost your figure drawing, landscape and portrait painting skills. Delve into art history and gain knowledge of key periods and artists. Bring your existing portfolio for a personal evaluation and take it to the next level.

Intermediate/Advanced Figure Drawing

West Side Studios offers monthly sessions with live model. E-mail kesslergregv [at] gmail dot com to join a group session focusing on the skull, skeleton or figure form.

The skull/skeleton class is a discussion of the linear and planar skull drawing examples, as they relate to figure anatomy.

The figure form class involves linear and gestural figure studies. Gestural drawing is a quick way to capture movement and the basic structure of a figure. We draw the contour of the figure to develop a fuller understanding of form.

Create your own class

Private Lesson

You can get one-on-one instruction with the artist teacher. You can discuss class content and structure with him and customize the lessons to your needs and aspirations.

Rates: $25/hour, minimum of 2 hours per class recommended