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Painting on A Colored Ground

How to Create Color Contrast

Here’s a brief introduction to color contrast. Feel free to ping me with any comments or questions.

Spanish Pallette – Intro to Painting

Greg Kessler demonstrates how to create a Spanish Pallette in these simple to follow steps. Details on private lessons can be found here. Click below to watch:

Halka Artists residency

20160130_142527.jpgWhen I was in Istanbul this past December, I worked at the Halka Artists Residency. I took a bus and a ferry to the Asian side. Everyone was impressed as I don’t know much Turkish.The area is called Moda, and had lots of cool record stores and cafes. 2016-01-30 16.11.24.jpgHere are20160130_145110.jpg few drawings I did during my stay.


Sketchbooks…Whenever I start a body of work I usually start with a sketchbook. I like NY Central’s converntry vellum the best.


sometimes it might be figurative studies...

sometimes it might be figurative studies…


This was done at the NY Botanical Garden…

I o

I used to got the Washington D.C. zoo,as well the petting zoo in NY


usually I start in pencil,then ink up,then use as studies while I paint.


I used to draw Times Square back in the 80’s..but I don’t still have those sketchbooks.However,I found this one that survived.Kids-save your sketchbooks!

New Panels

The first panel called “stingray” I used more complicate dense drawing then before. Then I airbrushed the large cartoony head on top. I did this to subvert the images underneath and break up the space.

Panel 1

The second panel I started in airbrush in the ground and then drew the figures on top. Usually I would add a figure on top as I did with the other panel, but I just left it.

panel 2

Allegory In The Making

Continuing with my series, showing how I create large paintings. Here’s Allegory:







Stages of Chimera

Often I get asked how I create a painting. Here are stages of Chimera and my creative process:



Bathing Beauty in Finished Form

Bathing Beauty in Finished Form

Figurative oil painting


Getting Ready for West Chelsea Open House

Getting Ready for West Chelsea Open House

Figurative, abstract paintings