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Painting on A Colored Ground

How to Create Color Contrast

Here’s a brief introduction to color contrast. Feel free to ping me with any comments or questions.

Spanish Pallette – Intro to Painting

Greg Kessler demonstrates how to create a Spanish Pallette in these simple to follow steps. Details on private lessons can be found here. Click below to watch:

Upcoming Solo Show – Second Story Gallery

I will be showing my recent prints and panels at the Second Story Gallery in Atlantic Highlands, NJ from February 21st through March 21st. Here’s the link to my page. Opening reception on February 21st starting at 6PM.

Greg Kessler Works – 2014 Snapshot Video

Year in Review

Latest student testimonial!

“After not painting for nearly a decade, my classes with Greg have allowed me to tap into talents that I thought were lost, and encouraged my creative spirit.  Greg’s ability to incorporate his vast knowledge of art history in his teaching approach is remarkable and extremely beneficial to his students.  He has further piqued my interest in learning about different techniques and I feel my confidence increasing with each class.  The one-on-one atmosphere really personalizes the experience and I can’t imagine any other setting being as effective.”
Isabelle, New York

Allegory In The Making

Continuing with my series, showing how I create large paintings. Here’s Allegory: