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Painting on A Colored Ground

How to Create Color Contrast

Here’s a brief introduction to color contrast. Feel free to ping me with any comments or questions.

Spanish Pallette – Intro to Painting

Greg Kessler demonstrates how to create a Spanish Pallette in these simple to follow steps. Details on private lessons can be found here. Click below to watch:

Recent works based on sketches I did at the beach in Marmaris,Turkey.


sketch on paper


oil on canvas


ink sketch


oil on canvas


oil on canvas


oil on paper



In this somewhat older series, I used the figure as a starting point. I was interested in broad areas of color. Also, in different spaces — the naturalistic cloud background against a mosaic of colors on the right. I wanted to create a complicated, interesting surface.

Student Work

Student work

This is one of my students’ oil painting in progress.

Apocalyptic Series: These Characters Vie for Survival

In this series I wanted to depict a more specific narrative. I imagined a post-apocalyptic world in which these characters vie for survival.

Aftermath_Oil on Canvas_30x24_2014horseKesslerG_115_800px