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Latest student testimonial!

“After not painting for nearly a decade, my classes with Greg have allowed me to tap into talents that I thought were lost, and encouraged my creative spirit.  Greg’s ability to incorporate his vast knowledge of art history in his teaching approach is remarkable and extremely beneficial to his students.  He has further piqued my interest in learning about different techniques and I feel my confidence increasing with each class.  The one-on-one atmosphere really personalizes the experience and I can’t imagine any other setting being as effective.”
Isabelle, New York

New Panels

The first panel called “stingray” I used more complicate dense drawing then before. Then I airbrushed the large cartoony head on top. I did this to subvert the images underneath and break up the space.

Panel 1

The second panel I started in airbrush in the ground and then drew the figures on top. Usually I would add a figure on top as I did with the other panel, but I just left it.

panel 2


Summer of Love

Summer of Love

Lead work from my 2013 series. Cartoony, mixed media on panel.

Palm Beach Show

I recently had the opportunity to show my paintings at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. The rococo background in the room enveloped my figurative paintings, creating an interesting setting. Below are some snapshots:


After The Flood

I typically paint female figures, but this one is an exception. I wanted to depict true friendship that blooms after a tragic event.

New Works from West Side Art Studios

You can view my new paintings here. They are part of my personal mythology series. I used to paint at Times Square and it was a source of inspiration to me. I tried to tell her story in the Times Square Trilogy. I was inspired by El Greco paintings while creating the sky-like background.

An Approach to Art – Showcasing Twin Mosaic

My buddy Troy filmed this in my Williamsburg studio. It shows how I work with large canvases and work with the paint and canvas to tell a story. I like reworking paintings. I go back and change a million times. You see a bit of that here.

West Side Studios Painting and Drawing Classes

West Side Studios offers beginning to advanced painting and drawing classes in West Village from Yale graduate artist. 

We work with you to achieve your personal vision and explore techniques. No previous experience is necessary. All students get personal attention depending on their level and goals.